Wednesday, March 10, 2010

logo design

I was asked by and old friend of mine to create the logo for his production company "Triton Kings Productions". Below are the steps in which I took to create the design:

This was the first thought I had for the logo. But I felt it was too wide, or just too much going on. So I went back to paper and drew something a little more compact, I then blew it up and drew a new design from that.

Here, I just messed around with different color schemes to see what looked good.
I took apart all the pieces and visualized some colors in my head and came up with the cyan and red.
After showing what I had to Nate, he chose these colors he wanted. I added the sparkles and the letters with a 'bastarda-k' font.
Finally, Nate and I went back and made a few more tweaks. Changed the stars, the glow, and the letters from Triton Kings Entertainment to TKProductions!

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